John Jay Boys Soccer Team

The JV and Varsity Boys Soccer Team at John Jay is a very competitive and difficult team to make.  Our JV team typically carries 22 players and our varsity team carries 18-20 players.  Many of our players compete on travel, select, State ODP teams, and Super Y teams.  Anyone who enjoys playing soccer is welcome to tryout for the team in late August.  The John Jay Boys Soccer Team is looking for Academically Oriented Student-Athletes who have Quality Character to represent the High School on the soccer field.

Tryouts begin on Monday August 19th at 8am on the John Jay Track.  Please bring running shoes, water, soccer cleats, and shinguards.  At 8am, we will take attendance on the bleachers by the track.  After taking attendance and a few words from Coach Seipp regarding JJ Soccer and tryouts, anyone trying out for Varsity will then complete a 1.5 mile timed run (at approx. 8:30am).  Following that, anyone trying out for JV will complete a 1.25 mile timed run (at approx. 8:45am).   Note:  1.5 miles is 6 times around the John Jay High School Track, 1.25 miles is 5 times around the John Jay High School Track. 

After we run on the track (between 8 and 9am), we will then play soccer until 10:30am.  Varsity players will then return to John Jay later that evening with a soccer session from 5:30 - 7pm, while JV players will head over to the Rt. 52 East Fishkill Soccer Complex for a soccer session from 4 - 5:30pm. 

All candidates trying out for Varsity and JV Boys Soccer should be at the John Jay track by 8am on Monday August 19th.

 In order to be eligible to tryout you need two things:

(1)  You must be academically eligible to tryout.  You must be passing all of your classes or if you have failed 1 class in the 4th quarter, you must have an overall average above 70%.  Note:  Academic Eligibility is determined by your 4th quarter grades - NOT your final average for the course.

(2)  You must register with Family ID.  To register, click on:  You must have an updated physical AND all of your papers / permission forms must be signed and on record in the Health Office.  If you didn't get a physical in the spring, you will need to arrange a physical yourself with Health Quest.  Click here for info on how to schedule your physical PLEASE REGISTER ON FAMILY ID ON JULY 20TH OR SOON AFTER JULY 20TH so your physical and information can be viewed by the School Doctor.  Also please fill out the 30 day health questionnaire as well soon after July 20th.

If you have any questions about Family ID, please contact John Jay East Fishkill High School & Van Wyck Junior High School Athletics directly at or  or call 845-897-6700.

Once cleared for tryouts, you should be aware that the soccer teams are selected based on a rubric of the following topics:

1 - Technique ~ 25%

Technique is what you can do with the soccer ball.  Areas that are evaluated include (but are not limited to):

- Dribbling with both Feet (all surfaces of both feet) with your head up

- Passing with both Feet (inside, outside, and laces of both feet)

- Shooting with both Feet (for power and accuracy)

- Receiving Ground Balls (outside, inside and sole of both feet)

- Receiving Air Balls (outside, inside and instep/laces of both feet)

- Heading (for direction, accuracy, and power)

- Ability to use moves to beat players (dribbling past players)

2 - Tactical Awareness ~ 25%

Tactics are decisions that players make both with and without the ball.  Areas that are evaluated include (but are not limited to):

- Decisions made with the ball

    * attacking space vs. dribbling into a crowd or not taking space

    * finding open players

    * looking for the longest available player

    * awareness of risk vs reward decisions in the defensive, middle, and final thirds

- Decisions made without the ball

    * Stepping to pressure the ball if you are the closest defender to the ball

    * Forcing the attack towards help if you are the pressuring defender

    * Not fouling and not "Diving In" defensively

    * Making quality supporting runs off the ball

    * Creating passing lanes to receive the ball on the ground from a teammate

    * Appropriate use of Combination Play (when to use a Wall Pass, Takeover, Overlap, Double Pass, etc)

    * Positioning on the attack so the team has a good attacking shape (ex. don't be separated from your teammates)

    * Positioning on defense so the team has a good defensive shape (ex. be the appropriate distance from teammates so there are no gaps in the defense for the opposing team to exploit)

    * Using "Peeks" to help determine where your first touch should be and what the available options are once you receive the ball

    * Anticipation - both when our team has the ball and also on defense

3 - Fitness ~ 25%

Areas that are evaluated include (but are not limited to):

- Endurance

- Speed

- Quickness

- Agility

- Strength

- Flexibility

4 - Psychological Dimension ~ 25%

The Psychological Dimension is your mental approach to the game, including intangibles.  Areas that are evaluated include (but are not limited to):

- Ability to be coached (taking suggestions or criticism and using it to improve your play)

- Will to Win

- Heart

- Hustle

- Desire

- Focus/Concentration

- Ability to sacrifice individual goals for the team

- Commitment to the John Jay Soccer Program (attendance at sessions, camps, clinics, etc).

- Character

- Integrity

- Sportsmanship (not fouling, not yelling/arguing/showing dissent towards referees, teammates, coaches)

- Academics

- Respect

For more information or if you have any questions, email Coach Seipp at 


Thank you for your interest in the Soccer Program at John Jay High School!


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